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Patch Notes
Tinn-R version
2024 - Tinn-R Team

    Bug(s) fixed

    • Possible failures in sending lines, when many lines - one by one - are sent to the Term interface (with the "|+" option checked) has been fixed. In other words, sending contiguous lines sequentially to the Term interface has been improved and is now more consistent. But you shouldn’t abuse this feature either. Do not continually rest your finger on the shortcut key or hotkey defined for this action to send large quantities of lines, as there are better options for this purpose, with lower computational cost.

    • A bug associated with the Tools/R/Mirrors/Mirrors(R) update button has been fixed. The issues that emerged with the new version of R (4.2.0 - UTF-8).

    • Bug in changing the position of tabs of the Main Interface, Options, Tools and Term has been fixed. From now on, all of them must only be in the top position.

    • Fixed some Term interface bugs with the knitr package. The bugs arose due to changes in the sending patterns of R messages under the package, mainly if the progress bar option is checked (quiet=FALSE, which is the default). I hope the authors don’t make drastic changes to the parsing progress messages to invalidate the regular expressions made to match the Term interface to the messages in the Knitr package.

    • Bug associated to code completion has been fixed.

    • Format XML, recognizes: .xml and .xsd.

    • Bug in filtering in the Tools/Database/Hotkeys interface has been fixed.


    • Development was quite intense and uninterrupted throughout 2023. Only beta (or test) versions were released for a limited user base. The changes to the beta versions that occurred throughout the year were documented - collectively - only in this version.

    • The user guide has been updated and improved.

    • This is the latest compiled version of the project developed and compiled in the Delphi 2007 IDE. The project is in an advanced stage of migration to Embarcadero’s new Delphi 11.3 (Alexandria) Community platform.


    • A new tab was created in Tools/R called Working dir. The objective is to allow a graphical visualization of the active R folder. It also allows storing favorites and indicating the work folder to R with several interesting options.

    • OpenURL is a new option (in the File menu and taskbar) allows opening remote files in the editor.

    • New options in the Options/Application interface make it possible to discover the program’s reserved shortcuts. They cannot be changed by the user. There are few, but very important to know.

    • Some buttons (somewhat redundant) were removed from the Term interface. It has become visually simpler.

    • The Tools interface has been substantially improved.

    • A new interface button Tools/Windows expl. and Tools/Work expl. allow physical deletion of displayed files.

    • A small window was added in the Tools/R explorer interface that informs the description (.Rd) of each selected object.

    • New (and useful) functions in the button (and corresponding menu) R control: packages.

    • The indentation of the Term/IO interface has been improved. It was easier to read the submitted code due to the preservation of the script’s original indentation.

    • The R Explorer interface was improved.

    • The S/K/Hmanager interface received updates and improvements.

    • Change (hopefully for the better) in the alignment of texts in the Tools interface.

    • Tools/Completion has been replaced by Tools/Snippets. The Completion.xml table is now named Snippets.xml. Users who have made (and saved) an extensive dataset of completion (before) (snippets from now on) will be able to notice a new button [Merge (file .xml)] that has been added in the new Snippets dialog window. When a new dataset (or any update to the source) is made, the user’s dataset (Completion.xml or Snippet.xml, respectively) is saved in the bkp folder which is located in the Tinn-R startup folders (Help/Ini files (path information)). The new button allows the user’s old base (completion or snippets) to be merged with the current one distributed with the new versions and eventually modified at the source. Thanks to Ivan B. Allaman for the helpful suggestion.

    • Replacement and addition of many icons has been made.

    • Filters can be applied to virtually all database-related features in the Tools interface:

      • Database: Shortcuts (app), Keystrokes (editor), Hotkeys (R), Snippets, Comments, Card and Mirrors.

    • Possibility of controlling the transparency of main and secondary windows independently.

    • The Options interface has been improved.

    • New resizing options in the Term/LOG interface.

    • The Web menu item received updates and improvements.

    • New options in the popup menu associated with projects allow sending files Rnoweb (Rnw, Rmd and RHtml) (via Sweave and knit) directly to be interpreted, without being open.


    • Many efforts have been made in improving, standardizing and optimizing the source code.

    • Tip and Snippets received updates and improvements.

    • Dynamic updating of R mirrors has been improved.


    • The TinnRcom package has been improved and has new functions. These functions are associated with searching for information in the documentation (.Rd) of objects.

    • Updated dependencies of package TinnRcom.

    New features

    • Built a (new) search interface for Snippets triggers: thanks to Ivan B. Allaman for the suggestion.

    • A (new) search interface was built with information linked to the documentation (.Rd) of the objects.

    • Implemented search and replace in the Term/IO and Term/LOG interface.

    • The Snippets (and respective search interface) are also functional in the Term interface.


    • Practically all database tables were updated.

    Changes to shortcuts

    • Shortcuts (app)

      • Ctrl + L: In the Term interface clears the IO and LOG windows

      • Alt + Space: Find again

    • The default hotkeys for R have been changed.